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Crazy Creighton Coupon Codes

What’s the deal?

Long story short, for your first 90 minutes on you are at liberty to cash in on one of three Creighton Coupon Codes for eBooks, or 1 code for Signed Print books. EBooks are already set at 50% lower than Amazon’s prices, and the coupons drop them even lower. The last code has serious gravitas.

I learned a long time ago that failure to make a decision is the same as deciding to do nothing. Deadlines — even generous 90 minute ones — help us come to conclusions. Hence the 90 minute timer. It’s real. The clock never resets… So don’t miss this deal without giving it some thought!

How do Crazy Creighton Coupon Codes work?

They’re just a wordy way to say free money.

Enter the code on your cart page or at checkout on the top left.

Codes are NOT case sensitive.

Appropriate items must be in the cart to apply the code.

Codes cannot be combined.

Here are the Crazy Creighton Coupon Codes:

90-Minute Coupons for eBooks:

  • Save $1 on any eBook (including My Brother’s Destroyer) with the coupon code: LuckyBucky!
  • Save $2.50 (another 50% off the next two novels) when you buy the first 3 Baer Creighton novels* in the same purchase with the coupon code: ACoolTwoFifty
  • Save $10 (on top of already 70% savings) when you purchase ALL 14 novels of my novels (The WORKS: Buy the Lindemuth Library) at only $23.58. They’re $111.86 on Amazon, or $55.93 on bought individually on this site. The WORKS is regularly $33.58, but for the first 90 minutes of your first visit to, you can save another $10 and grab all my eBooks for $23.58 when you use the code: HardgravePublishingLibrary with your purchase of The WORKS: Buy the Lindemuth Library.

90-Minute Coupons for Print Books:

  • Save $1 on any Signed Print Book (including the already-reduced My Brother’s Destroyer) with the coupon code: $1MBD

Non-Expiring Coupons for Print Books:

  • Save $1 on BAER 2 with the code: $1Mundane
  • Save $1 on BAER 3 with the code: $1Pretty



Save $2.50 on Nogginwear, code: TwoFiftyNogginwear

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