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Post #4; How to Disappear a Corpse

Post #2; How to Disappear a Corpse

Dear Shirley,

In your experience, which method is best for disposing of a body? 


Thank you for the questions Terry!

Call Lester?

My experience with getting rid of bodies hasn’t gone too well. We burned a body in a car inside a grocery warehouse and got clubbed by meth zombies, creating more bodies to eliminate.

Then I rolled a body in a carpet and Lester took care of it.

And I think the rest of my bodies, I just left them there for other people to deal with

Now odinarily, I’m against littering. But in the case of a human body after a crime, you really have to ask, is there anything on the body that’s going to associate me with it? Because if not, just let the body lay.

Everyone wants a healthier environment. What’s better than compost, for getting nutrients back in the soil?


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