6. Shirley F’N Lyle: VIVA the Revolution!

6. Shirley F’N Lyle: VIVA the Revolution!


This ex-hooker with bacon skills will have you blushing,
laughing out loud, and shouting

Shirley Lyle hooks for a living. She’s a big girl who keeps her profile low. But when a drug lord and his son toss her trailer, she adds a couple letters to her name.

Now she’s killed the drug lord’s son and two meth zombies. Fed up, ready to set fire to her past, her job—and her trailer—she’s dragged back into the role she’s forsworn by a man who presses her buttons with a hammer.

Shirley realizes she’ll never be more than a four hundred pound hooker.

But when her partner-in-revolution, Ulyana the Ukrainian stripper disappears, her car empty and bullet holes in the glass, Shirley reaches deep, finds her sass, puts flame to fuse.

Who took Ulyana?

— The Russian mob?

— The man who beat Shirley down?

— The 83 year old drug lord who refuses to die?

When all your life you’ve been one thing, but your survival—and your friend’s—demand you be the hero…

You put on the F’N cape!

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★★★★★ “The story grabbed my throat and wouldn’t let go, wouldn’t let me scream either.”

Grace Hardgrave’s daughters haven’t eaten in days, and after finding no work in 1917 New York City, Grace prostitutes herself to feed her girls. Sick of degradation, she bolts for the Pennsylvania farm she fled as a young woman. The only way forward is to face the predator who made her life go wrong.

But when Grace arrives she finds the Hardgrave/McClellan feud that’s been smoldering for generations is now burning hot. The seven-foot tyrant who runs the town brothels and distilleries, Jonah McClellan, found his youngest son bludgeoned to death on Hardgrave land.

But as Grace unwinds the mystery she learns everyone has a secret, an angle, and a reason to kill…

Just like her.

Grit Lit to the bone. Sometimes Bone.

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★★★★★ “Lindemuth did a magnificent job with this intensely personal story.” –San Francisco Book Review

Nick Fister’s the winningest ultra-runner ever, but he’s paid a price. His daughter Tuesday took her own life. His wife is sleeping with his crew chief, Floyd. And his “greatest fan” — a former-Marine sniper — has progressed from creepy stalker to deadly menace.

Nick’s chosen Death Valley’s Badwater 135 as the brutal capstone to his career. When Floyd fails to show at race start, Nick begins without him — and learns shortly later Floyd was stabbed to death the night before.

Nick Fister always wins, and his relentless focus keeps him in the race. But soon the Inyo County Deputies learn about Nick’s cheating wife. The troubled business partnership. The life insurance.

Did Nick murder Floyd, while queuing a psychotic sniper to take the fall?

Or is Nick Fister running for his life?


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