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My Brother’s Destroyer print


My Brother’s Destroyer


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A Moonshiner with a Surreal Gift

A Country Strongman

and a Talking Dog


International bestseller Clayton Lindemuth bends genres in this darkly comedic literary mystery-thriller.

You’ll laugh out loud and burn through the pages.



★★★★★ “I must have underlined over a hundred passages in all.”

–Taig Stewart



Baer Creighton is a gifted distiller of fruited moonshine, capable of detecting even the subtlest lies. He lives in the woods next to his house, philosophizes with his dog Fred, and writes letters to his high school love Ruth – who long ago chose Baer’s brother. Baer keeps a low profile.

Everyone is happy drinking his sublime moonshines – until Fred goes missing.

A week later, while Baer harvests apples in the moonlight, a chain of headlights emerges from the woods. A truck tosses a bundle to the ditch.

When you discover who stole Fred, you’ll know you’ve found a new master of the dark surreal.

And when you see what Baer does to him…


You haven’t read a novel like this.

I promise.




Fans of noir tales set in rural America will particularly welcome this addition to the genre.


Seattle Book Review

★★★★★ In short, I was left completely in awe.


Manhattan Book Review

★★★★★ I highly recommend it for your next book.




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Clayton’s work has been smashingly reviewed by:

Publishers Weekly (starred review and best of the week), Indie Next List, Kirkus, BlueInk Review, Foreword Reviews, Seattle Book Review, Manhattan Book Review, San Francisco Book Review, Portland Book Review, Indie Reader, SPR, California Bookwatch, Reader Views, Spinetingler Magazine, Hardboiled Wonderland, various independent Best of the Year mentions, (Spinetingler and DoSomeDamage, among others).

Clayton’s novels Cold Quiet Country and My Brother’s Destroyer have been published in France by Le Seuil, and have been charmingly reviewed by Le Monde, La Croix, and Le Figaro.

If you haven’t read Clayton’s unique style of darkly humored literary noir, what are you waiting for?

Name: Clayton Lindemuth

Born: 1970, Royal Oak, MI

High School: Brockway, PA

College: Clarion University of PA, Arizona State University, (BA English Lit)

Married: Julie, since 1996

Military Service: Army reserve 1988-1994; Active Duty Army 1995-1998, 13B Field Artillery; Arms Room

First Career: Financial Planning, Wealth Management, CLU ChFC CKA

Second Career: Farting around writing books and loving every single day.

Interests: Economics (Austrian), quantum physics, consciousness studies, apologetics

Hobbies: Ultra distance running (longest run 73 miles); woodworking, motorcycle touring (Indian Challenger)

Favorite Music: Doors, Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Stones, Floyd, Alice in Chains, and of course, Hank Williams Jr.

Favorite Authors: Heinlein, Connelly, Twain, London

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Signed and Numbered

1326 reviews for My Brother’s Destroyer print

  1. BamaLover

    I read about a third of this book and found myself not very invested in the characters or story line.

  2. Debra Lawson

    A fun fast read. I’m rooting for. Baer!

  3. Moon Sroufe Thomas

    I have lived in the hills and heard the stories. Now I find a book that brings mountain folk out of the shadows. This book was gut real and straight to the point about tough love and life. A masterfully told tale. Do not miss this!

  4. Sharyn Frith

    This is a good book I really like the main character very different kind of story.

  5. Kindle Customer

    Very descriptive. Excellent story line that keeps you turning the pages. Almost makes me want to build my own still. The ending is a little unbelievable but pretty cool.

  6. Donna L. Scofield

    This is not my usual cup of tea…dog fighting, bloodshed, violence. But an advertisement/review on facebook captured my interest and I’m glad it did. Could hardly put it down. Well written, and the violence is balanced by some beautiful descriptive writing about the woods, weather, etc.

    One person found this helpful
  7. Jim M.

    Just discovered Baer Creighton. Some of the best writing I`’ve come across in a while. Baer is a complex but totally believable character. He acts in unorthodox but understandable ways. Not too good, not too bad, you won`t be able to stop readingbtill you find out what Baer will do.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Not my typical genre. However, I really liked this book once I got the cadence of the language down. I always cheer for the underdog with the heart of gold and the skills and grit to right the wrongs in this world

  9. Katie K

    At first, the book description brought me to it. Once I started reading, I thought oh no, another poor soul trying to capture local color by playing with an accent and stereotypes. I was so wrong!Looking forward to reading more work by this author.

    One person found this helpful
  10. Ann Alaskan

    Don’t know where to begin .. except to say .. Don’t miss this book! What a wordsmith about the human condition! Once you start, you can’t stop! So be prepared! What an awesome read!! On my re-read list!

  11. Calvin J. Langton

    Really good read. Bigger than life heroes with a twist. Believable.

  12. Tom Applegate

    I gave this book 4 stars only because I didn’t like Baer. He’s a very flawed person who thinks his dog is talking to him; who can’t think unless he’s “likkered” up; who thinks he can tell if someone is lying to him when their eyes glow red; and I could go on and on. It’s tough to like a book when you don’t like the protaganist.

  13. barbara locke

    Mr. Lindemuth gives a striking and timeless portrayal of the forces that drive men. His characters are truly believable, as I have known men like them. Good and evil continue to define mankind regardless of how civilized we believe we have become, and always will as long as greed and the need for power live in our hearts.

  14. wardblvd

    The language is not as bad as it makes you think in the prologue. Good story line makes you keep reading.

  15. Sharon Wikel

    As we follow Baer along it just get more intense, every page. I couldn’t put this book down. Sometimes I noticed I was holding my breath.

  16. Amazon Customer

    The fact he got revenge on the no counts.

  17. Chris Devney

    Awesome book. Kept me wanting more. I even ordered the set. Great writer.

  18. firefox70

    I really loved this book! Baer and his community ( I can’t call them friends) were such vivid characters. I loved the hillbilly dialect. This book was full of life lessons, from Baer. He was really a good man, underneath all that anger. The author of this book is so gifted. To take the reader on this journey is remarkable. I don’t know how the author had the knowledge to write this book, taking the reader to a place where most of us would not fathom. Thank you, Clayton Lindemuth for sharing the world of Baer Creighton with us. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  19. Avid reader for many years

    So well written it’s hard to describe how broad an audience it could appeal to. The author is a master of a vernacular unique to a coarser, primitive yet very smart segment of our society that lives by its own rules and are the survivors. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. HIGHLY recommended.

  20. N J Reasor

    from books I usually read. But I couldn’t stop reading once I started. Had to see how it turned out. Never could figure if Baer was crazy, or just trying a way to move through life. Little raw at times. Glad I read it.want to read more.

  21. Donna Hollister

    My Bothers Destroyer is a gripping ride of intrigue. A glimpse of small town corruption and the strength found in those living close to nature. Baer is dedicated to those he loves and cursed to see every lie uttered by all those he deals with. A gripping read that old make an excellent movie

  22. Average consumer

    Loved the writing and the characters, but this book may not be for everyone. I was given the option to read this book with cleaner language and standardized English, but I opted for the original as I wanted to know Baer ‘as is’.

  23. Val

    The writer did his research or already knew how to build a still and make moonshine. Okay I don’t know anything about making moonshine. But I loved the story development. Very emotional, had to skip over the dog fight part, can’t carry the image around. Very raw story.

  24. Frances Clark

    This book was great! The author is wonderful.

  25. Kindle Customer

    Talk about good over evil!?! Or is it evil over dark evil. Either or I found this riveting. Each corner turned, each memory of a character brought me closer to the story. I can’t wait to be entranced by the next story.

  26. Mr. Mule

    Baer Creighton is one tough, stubborn, chunk of humanity, flaws and all. His moral compass is set, but has a tailwind that moves it as needed. What a read. RIP Fred

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