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Pretty Like an Ugly Girl


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Baer bleeds. Everyone bleeds.


Luke Graves turned the family butcher business into an empire by cutting fat off the ledger as well as he cut meat off the bone.

He also learned many men sold beef, but few sold girls and boys. Demand was high—especially for the ones with brown skin—and supply, small.

Ten years later the family business included three sons and a distribution chain that delivered kids for any purpose throughout the western United States.

One evening, returning to Williams, Arizona from a pickup in Sierra Vista, the tire blows out. A chavo bolts the truck and runs for the plain. Cephus Graves takes him down with a deer rifle, then fires at a stray pit bull that catches his eye.

In the woods two hundred yards away, Baer Creighton looks up from his fire. He has a nose for evil men and he’s found a clan of them. But he’s met his match in Luke Graves.

Baer bleeds in Pretty Like an Ugly Girl.

Everyone bleeds.  



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Clayton’s work has been smashingly reviewed by:

Publishers Weekly (starred review and best of the week), Indie Next List, Kirkus, BlueInk Review, Foreword Reviews, Seattle Book Review, Manhattan Book Review, San Francisco Book Review, Portland Book Review, Indie Reader, SPR, California Bookwatch, Reader Views, Spinetingler Magazine, Hardboiled Wonderland, various independent Best of the Year mentions, (Spinetingler and DoSomeDamage, among others).

Clayton’s novels Cold Quiet Country and My Brother’s Destroyer have been published in France by Le Seuil, and have been charmingly reviewed by Le Monde, La Croix, and Le Figaro.

If you haven’t read Clayton’s unique style of darkly humored literary noir, what are you waiting for?

Name: Clayton Lindemuth

Born: 1970, Royal Oak, MI

High School: Brockway, PA

College: Clarion University of PA, Arizona State University, (BA English Lit)

Married: Julie, since 1996

Military Service: Army reserve 1988-1994; Active Duty Army 1995-1998, 13B Field Artillery; Arms Room

First Career: Financial Planning, Wealth Management, CLU ChFC CKA

Second Career: Farting around writing books and loving every single day.

Interests: Economics (Austrian), quantum physics, consciousness studies, apologetics

Hobbies: Ultra distance running (longest run 73 miles); woodworking, motorcycle touring (Indian Challenger)

Favorite Music: Doors, Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Stones, Floyd, Alice in Chains, and of course, Hank Williams Jr.

Favorite Authors: Heinlein, Connelly, Twain, London

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330 reviews for Pretty Like an Ugly Girl print

  1. Erin Fitzgibbon

    I got hooked and could not remove the hook. Needed to read to the end….which really isn’t the end. If you pay enough attention, the fiction could turn to non-fiction. Just sayin…….

  2. deanna

    I would recommend his books. Easy to read and follow. Ready to read more that he had wrote. Bring email on!

  3. Claude Bass

    I have thoroughly enjoy ed the first three Lindermuth novels. A lot of action, well developed characters and a protaganist who marches to a different drummer. Go Baer!

  4. friendlyface316

    Very entertaining. Great character development.

  5. Debra L. Burgess

    Excellent read!

  6. noel cummings

    Another solid read from Mr. Lindemuth. Baer is still a bad ass and the action is still hopping. Not for those with weak stomachs.

  7. eusania

    The evil this book describes was more than I could take but all ended well. I like that there is multiple stories all related. Another Baer story that doesn’t disappoint

  8. lenapegoddezs

    I really enjoyed this one. Wonder where stinky joe will end up. Wonder where it is going. How Will it end up? How can Baer escape? It’s why I keep reading lol. Enjoy all.

  9. Carol Stierna

    Action-packed novel; this author/storyteller extraordinaire demonstrates yet again his unique ability to make readers root for a killer…actually, a serial killer! Baer Creighton hates evil people and destroys them, to my immense reading satisfaction.

  10. noel cummings

    Another solid read from Mr. Lindemuth. Baer is still a bad ass and the action is still hopping. Not for those with weak stomachs.

  11. Claude Bass

    I have thoroughly enjoy ed the first three Lindermuth novels. A lot of action, well developed characters and a protaganist who marches to a different drummer. Go Baer!

  12. kymtnmama

    Ask yourself: Just what might happen if a rough-around-the-edges ornery old moonshine and his family happened upon an affluent Arizona family that imported children from Mexico and other Latin countries to be used as prostitutes? Then consider that he found out that really rich folks were paying big money to be allowed to torture and kill those kids. If that man is Baer Creighton, then just stand back, pay attention, and watch. Bring a strong stomach.

  13. Dorothy Pavao Calhoun

    Third book in series but written well enough to be a stand alone. The characters, as usual with Lindermuths books, are realistic and fit perfectly into the story. This one, in my opinion, is his best yet. Not only well written, but the gripping, heart wrenching story will make it hard to put down. It’s a true ten star read **********

  14. Kindle Customer

    Really enjoy the down home flavor of this series. Baer doesn’t disappoint.

  15. Mrs. M.

    Here Baer is becoming a bit less complex – a bit more crystallized. Simplistic. Still solid writing. Still a good read. But I hate to see Baer turn into a ‘thing’.

  16. Lafayette McKinney

    Good read. Moves smoothly but somewhat predictable. Even I couldn’t step in that many piles consistently. Love Baer’s attitude thou.

  17. Marv. s

    Way to much profanity not really needed i am done No no no no no no no no more No

  18. Don & Mary Jo Palmer

    Was not pleased with all the sex discription.Baer didn’t appear in all chapters like I feel he should have.

  19. Larry Kenyon

    He’s a great writer

  20. Vicki Maddox

    This book is raw and wonderfully written. Can’t wait for the next one , and I hope Baer doesn’t get shot!

  21. Kindle Customer 101

    Great tale ❤️

  22. Ken Blakley

    Addictive !

  23. Amazon Customer

    Great book!!

  24. Dustin T. Sharp

    Another excellent installment in Clayton Lindemuth’s Baer Creighton series. While reading the first two books and reveling in the backwoods settings and collquial dialects, I often wondered how Baer would fit in out in the “real world.” Well, I didn’t have to wonder for long, as book 3 in the series finds Baer in the mountains and deserts of the southwest, far from the hills and hollers of his home.And he fits in about as well as he did back home. Which is, he’s a throwback to earlier times when good men stood up to evil and put themselves into harm’s way to protect the innocent. So once again he has found some trouble and feels compelled to right it. This time the bad guys are human traffickers, which seems about as disgusting to Baer as the dog fighters in his earlier books. The bad guys are compelling as well. Well developed, with cleverly devised businesses and organizations, which provide another worthy adversary for Baer and his trusty dog Stinky Joe. Baer must deal with the bad guys while dodging the feds and dealing with family matters. He gains some unexpected allies, including the title character. I won’t say more due to spoilers.If you liked the first two books, you’ll love this one as well, as it brings us more of Baer Creighton and his brand of justice. And once again, Kain Foster’s narration is spot-on. Haunting at times, hilarious at times, and always right on the money.

  25. Gayle

    I liked this book but the first two were better. More action but less development of the characters. An easy read.

  26. Marv. s

    Way to much profanity not really needed i am done No no no no no no no no more No

  27. sbullock

    Like the two previous books it was very hard to put down. I just received The Outlaw Stinky Joe and can’t wait to start reading it. Clayton Lindemuth is an excellent writer!

  28. myrajean

    Your book was so revolting with the the human trafficking and killing. I did like the results of the team effort. It’s disheartening to think people in the police and FUN ate corrupt,,however it’s been shown time again, how people are susceptible to greed. I like Baer.

  29. Rocky

    I have read all 4 books in the Baer Creighton series, and I cannot give enough praise! After reading no. 1 My Brother’s Destroyer, I started no. 2 My Mundane Work of Vengeance. From there, I started losing sleep because I couldn’t wait to finish reading it to get to no. 3 Pretty Like an Ugly Girl and no. 4 The Outlaw Stinky Joe. These books all follow a continuous story line, so it’s best to read them in sequence. There’s a spinoff, Tread: Rebel Noir, after no. 3 that I’m starting now, that follows a character that played a significant role in no.3, and another spinoff Shirley F’N Lyle VIVA the REVOLUTION that will be available late August based on a character who played a major role in no. 3. All I have is praise for Clayton Lindemuth’s skills in his storytelling and abilities in keeping my interests. His primary character, Baer Creighton, is the last of the good bad guys, the one who has a value system you admire, but who you know is really bad because he has no alternative. Clayton Lindemuth is an expert at balancing that knife edge between good and evil.

  30. Kindle Customer

    Absolutely wonderful and this Author will keep you turning those pages! This Author has you at the first chapter. Definitely a must read, the characters are off the wall, excitement galore and even some humor. Lots of dead bodies and lots of scary stuff. Hope you read this series so far I love it. So many thanks, Honey Bee 🐝🌬🎭📚💙😱🎶

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