Shirley F’N Lyle: Totally Sunshine and Love
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Shirley F’N Lyle: Totally Sunshine and Love



Totally Sunshine and Love


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With Shirley’s son Brass kidnapped by Vanko Demyan’s father…


  … a man so ancient everyone’s forgotten his name, Shirley has no choice but to speed to Phoenix, acquire a bunch of AK-47’s, and go toe to toe with the entire Demyan crime family.

When Shirley receives a text with a photo showing Brass positioned with his head on a bandsaw table, Shirley wants an Old West showdown.

But Viva Shirley offers a better path… Hunt them one by one.

It works, until it doesn’t.

Totally Sunshine and Love is a glorious bloodbath of hilarity and self-actualization…

But will Shirley’s growth come from the pain of losing her son?  



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Clayton’s work has been smashingly reviewed by:

Publishers Weekly (starred review and best of the week), Indie Next List, Kirkus, BlueInk Review, Foreword Reviews, Seattle Book Review, Manhattan Book Review, San Francisco Book Review, Portland Book Review, Indie Reader, SPR, California Bookwatch, Reader Views, Spinetingler Magazine, Hardboiled Wonderland, various independent Best of the Year mentions, (Spinetingler and DoSomeDamage, among others).

Clayton’s novels Cold Quiet Country and My Brother’s Destroyer have been published in France by Le Seuil, and have been charmingly reviewed by Le Monde, La Croix, and Le Figaro.

If you haven’t read Clayton’s unique style of darkly humored literary noir, what are you waiting for?

Name: Clayton Lindemuth

Born: 1970, Royal Oak, MI

High School: Brockway, PA

College: Clarion University of PA, Arizona State University, (BA English Lit)

Married: Julie, since 1996

Military Service: Army reserve 1988-1994; Active Duty Army 1995-1998, 13B Field Artillery; Arms Room

First Career: Financial Planning, Wealth Management, CLU ChFC CKA

Second Career: Farting around writing books and loving every single day.

Interests: Economics (Austrian), quantum physics, consciousness studies, apologetics

Hobbies: Ultra distance running (longest run 73 miles); woodworking, motorcycle touring (Indian Challenger)

Favorite Music: Doors, Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Stones, Floyd, Alice in Chains, and of course, Hank Williams Jr.

Favorite Authors: Heinlein, Connelly, Twain, London

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10 reviews for Shirley F’N Lyle: Totally Sunshine and Love

  1. ruth b.

    The book is great. I bought all three.

  2. Karl H

    Takes off at 122 MPH like a Dodge Ram Hemi V-8 down I-17. Wait, that really happened. Lovable Shirley bumbles her way through a bevy of bad guys as she searches for her kidnapped son. We live vicariously through Shirley as she says and does things that we only think about. Another win in a new storyline from Clayton Lindemuth.

  3. Sbr2th

    Riveting. Gotta love Shirley, the author is a magnificent storyteller!

  4. Ed Coke

    Totally Sunshine and Love is Clayton Lindermuth’s 3rd book in the Shirley f/n Lyle series. If you have not read book1 and book 2 I feel you must read them to savor this different and difficult Character. Shirley moves through a difficult life and finds more than her inner self. She finds an alter ego, a hidden second person.Shirley is an over weight hooker. She’s not just plump she is a big girl. She moves from a tough life to a revolutionary hero. Using her best Assets to strike out at injustice. This third book brings Shirley to her peak.She reaches a new understanding of her abilities and still uses her bulk in astounding ways. I found Totally Sunshine and Love a great read and entertaining. Different, lusty, a story with surprises, and twists.

  5. Kindle Customer

    At first this book seemed a little out of whack. Slow start but got more interesting as I read further. Shirley F’N Lyle never disappoints. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for a follow up book.

  6. JPhillips

    Shirley tries to come to the rescue of her son in this well written entertaining story. The writing style is unique with outstanding and interesting characters. Plenty going on in this enjoyable page turning read. Highly recommended story and series. Ready to find out what Shirley’s next adventure will be.

  7. Donnie Terrell

    It’s time to put Shirley to bed. Alone. I have read all of her books, in fact I have read all of Clayton’s books, but compared to the first 2 Shirley books this one was disappointing. Seems to me that she joined the bad guys.

  8. Marty Ronhovde

    As always! Very good read! TY Clayton <3


    I’ve read all of the Shirly F’N Lyle books and love how she is evolving. In an earlier review of another series by this author (The Baer Creighton series) I made this comment; While these books can be read and enjoyed on their own, the enjoyment is vastly improved by starting at the beginning. Also, for us loyal readers who want to follow up with the subsequent books in a series, but read many books in between the subsequent releases, these summaries will help us get back up to speed quicker. As recommended, I’m going to get all the earlier books in this series and start from the beginning…you should also.I’ve done this for the Shirly series as well as the other series. There is some overlap between these series that I’m sure anyone enjoying Shirly will also appreciate. All Clayton’s characters may be “earthy” but, they have a sense of justice everyone will welcome.I personally hate reviews that give away any important detail, especially the endings but, I have to comment on this one. As we approached what seemed to be the logical conclusion, I wondered why I was only 93% through the story. As rough as the world all the events and characters are involved in, there is almost a “They all lived happily ever after” ending. And best of all, there is obviously opportunities for much more in this series.Review by THE HOLEY ONE

  10. Kindle Customer

    And love Clayton Lindemuth. His characters are so full of life and beingness. Anything he writes, I’m reading. Thank you.

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