Shirley F’N Lyle: Viva the Revolution print
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Shirley F’N Lyle: Viva the Revolution print



VIVA the Revolution!

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  Shirley Lyle’s a big girl who’s always kept her profile low. But now — fed up, ready to set fire to her past, her job and her trailer — she’s dragged back into a role she’s forsworn by a man who presses her buttons with a hammer.

And when her partner-in-revolution, Ulyana-the-Ukrainian-stripper disappears, her car empty and bullet holes in the glass, Shirley has no choice but to reach deep, find her sass, put flame to fuse.

Who took Ulyana?

— The Russian mob?

— The man who beat Shirley down?

— The 83 year old drug lord who refuses to die?

All her life Shirley’s believed herself a loser, but now her and her friend’s survival demand she find a new self image….

Is she big enough to wear the cape?  



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Clayton’s work has been smashingly reviewed by:

Publishers Weekly (starred review and best of the week), Indie Next List, Kirkus, BlueInk Review, Foreword Reviews, Seattle Book Review, Manhattan Book Review, San Francisco Book Review, Portland Book Review, Indie Reader, SPR, California Bookwatch, Reader Views, Spinetingler Magazine, Hardboiled Wonderland, various independent Best of the Year mentions, (Spinetingler and DoSomeDamage, among others).

Clayton’s novels Cold Quiet Country and My Brother’s Destroyer have been published in France by Le Seuil, and have been charmingly reviewed by Le Monde, La Croix, and Le Figaro.

If you haven’t read Clayton’s unique style of darkly humored literary noir, what are you waiting for?

Name: Clayton Lindemuth

Born: 1970, Royal Oak, MI

High School: Brockway, PA

College: Clarion University of PA, Arizona State University, (BA English Lit)

Married: Julie, since 1996

Military Service: Army reserve 1988-1994; Active Duty Army 1995-1998, 13B Field Artillery; Arms Room

First Career: Financial Planning, Wealth Management, CLU ChFC CKA

Second Career: Farting around writing books and loving every single day.

Interests: Economics (Austrian), quantum physics, consciousness studies, apologetics

Hobbies: Ultra distance running (longest run 73 miles); woodworking, motorcycle touring (Indian Challenger)

Favorite Music: Doors, Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Stones, Floyd, Alice in Chains, and of course, Hank Williams Jr.

Favorite Authors: Heinlein, Connelly, Twain, London

302 reviews for Shirley F’N Lyle: Viva the Revolution print

  1. Christopher Stapleton

    I have read just about everything Lindemuth has written and once again he delivers a great story.I love his style and how he gets “real”.Shirley is a true heroine! Viva la Revolution!

  2. LSL

    I love all of Clayton’s books, but “Shirley F’N Lyle: VIVA the REVOLUTION” is one of my favorites! Can’t wait for the next installment!

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