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Sometimes Bone


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★★★★★ “The story grabbed my throat and wouldn’t let go, wouldn’t let me scream either.”


  Grace Hardgrave’s daughters haven’t eaten in days, and after finding no work in 1917 New York City, Grace prostitutes herself to feed her girls. Sick of degradation, she bolts for the Pennsylvania farm she fled as a young woman. The only way forward is to face the predator who made her life go wrong. But when Grace arrives she finds the Hardgrave/McClellan feud that’s been smoldering for generations is now burning hot. The seven-foot tyrant who runs the town brothels and distilleries, Jonah McClellan, found his youngest son bludgeoned to death on Hardgrave land. But as Grace unwinds the mystery she learns everyone has a secret, an angle, and a reason to kill… Just like her.  


Grit Lit to the bone. Sometimes Bone.

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Clayton’s work has been smashingly reviewed by:

Publishers Weekly (starred review and best of the week), Indie Next List, Kirkus, BlueInk Review, Foreword Reviews, Seattle Book Review, Manhattan Book Review, San Francisco Book Review, Portland Book Review, Indie Reader, SPR, California Bookwatch, Reader Views, Spinetingler Magazine, Hardboiled Wonderland, various independent Best of the Year mentions, (Spinetingler and DoSomeDamage, among others).

Clayton’s novels Cold Quiet Country and My Brother’s Destroyer have been published in France by Le Seuil, and have been charmingly reviewed by Le Monde, La Croix, and Le Figaro.

If you haven’t read Clayton’s unique style of darkly humored literary noir, what are you waiting for?

Name: Clayton Lindemuth

Born: 1970, Royal Oak, MI

High School: Brockway, PA

College: Clarion University of PA, Arizona State University, (BA English Lit)

Married: Julie, since 1996

Military Service: Army reserve 1988-1994; Active Duty Army 1995-1998, 13B Field Artillery; Arms Room

First Career: Financial Planning, Wealth Management, CLU ChFC CKA

Second Career: Farting around writing books and loving every single day.

Interests: Economics (Austrian), quantum physics, consciousness studies, apologetics

Hobbies: Ultra distance running (longest run 73 miles); woodworking, motorcycle touring (Indian Challenger)

Favorite Music: Doors, Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Stones, Floyd, Alice in Chains, and of course, Hank Williams Jr.

Favorite Authors: Heinlein, Connelly, Twain, London

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61 reviews for Sometimes Bone print

  1. David D Williams

    Lindermuth fleshes out the actor’s personalities with a masterful stroke. My 5th book, and every page keeps me breathless and ready to go on. I have been reading them sometimes at one sitting

  2. Coy B

    Amazing book. Thing is, it’s set from a long time ago, with different language, more or less, used. Just different words and a different feel. Nothing wrong with that at all, just my personal preference, I normally wouldn’t choose something like this. Well I did, and was glad. This was an amazing book. The dialogue, the story, the atmosphere…awesome. This book is just a step above most authors. Great Book, well done.

  3. Christopher Stapleton

    Life is hard, Lindemuth’s stories don’t hide the fact. If you want fairy tales look somewhere else. If you want reality in a story you’ll not want to end then start reading a Lindemuth series!

  4. Dawn Russell

    Bootleggers and whorehouses. Murder and lies,. Redemption and rebirth.I couldn’t wait for the next page and sad to come to the end.

  5. Kindle Customer

    I am completely drawn in to the story, the unique writing style which is also quite unpredictable. I highly recommend for anyone wanting something out of the ordinary.

  6. Willowfaythe

    Clayton Lindemuth is one of my favorite authors. When you read his stories, you can expect a gritty insight into a main character with rugged, old time morals set on a path that ends in deserved justice for evil deeds. This story is no different. His prose is honest and raw. His characters are well rounded and natural feeling. It’s not difficult to imagine the events and colorful descriptions of the surrounding landscape and emotions felt by the central character. My only complaint is having to wait for the next book to be published. Thank you, Clayton, you are the best.

  7. Kindle Customer

    Clayton Lindemuth writes hard edged noir. If Andrew Vachss’s Cross and crew were in a rural setting they would fit right in. Sometimes Bone is an exploration of greed destroying a man. It is also a redemption story for several characters who succeed to various degrees. If you are looking for perfect characters who solve problems with fists and quips it is not for you. If you are looking for tough , smart fallible humans and good story telling then sign up immediately

  8. Steven Christensen

    Its 1917 in New York City and Grace, mother of two young daughters, is unable to find work to feed her children. In desperation she turns to prostitution but when assaulted by a violent man she steals his money and escapes by train to return to her home town of Walnut, Pennsylvania to confront her hideous past memories.Upon arriving she finds herself in the mist of a murderous feud between Jonah McClellan, a truly evil man who sells booze and flesh in his string of cathouses, and Hal..Hoot.. Hargraves a hapless cripple of a man trying to survive with his family on a run down homestead across from his bitter enemy. The long time feud comes to rapid escalation when the body of a young boy is found halfway between the two properties. Who killed the boy and who is the father of the deceased child? This is a violent vulgar tale told in lean but powerful language that is simply stunning. This is truly a story of good and evil with Grace trying to find her way and recapture what is rightfully hers although she is guilty of a terrible sin that fuels this feud. There is so much to this story that grabs your guts and holds on as the pages fly by and ends in a resounding conclusion. Then there is the Walnut Tree which holds secrets from the past. I close with a quote from the book….”You cant outrun evil. That’s it. Fight it. Kill it. Or die from it. You can’t outrun it”.

  9. Kate Pynch

    I spent the last two days of 2017 on little besides reading what is probably one of the best books on my kindle in a year.It’s not a light book, but it’s very true in many ways.Billed as Literary Noir, I’m more inclined to call it Rural Noir, one of the newer genres. Not to say it’s not literary by any means, because the writing is top shelf and to be savored.It begins a with fellow vomiting beside the body of his murdered youngest son and what this believable and truly evil man sets out to do about the situation.The second protagonist is no innocent herself, responding to the same death from the other side looking for the killer along with any way, at any cost to learn the identity of the murderer and stop a blood feud on her family.The plot and the characters are riveting to the last page.There are no heroes in this one just flawed humans chasing the best possible outcome.Oddly enough when the real killer is dead and the book closes I was somewhat saddened by the death because deeply flawed or not that character was entirely authentic, not once wearing a mask or to justify their actions.Oddly enough, it was the female protagonist I truly disliked though I doubt that was meant there wasn’t much righteousness in her singular and inflexible pursuit of her agenda so really I was liking the monster far more than the mudfooted lady.You won’t go wrong reading this book by Clayton Lindemuth.

  10. littleannie

    Read the reviews and picked it up. I would say it’s a dark gritty gut wrenching look at not so pretty life. It’s very hard to put down. The characters are really interesting. It’s a good read.

  11. Kindle Customer

    The second page. I can already tell I’m not going to like this book. I don’t like the style of his writing. Maybe it’s unfair that I’m judging it too early but rather be honest about it then write a fake good review

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