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Risk-Free eBook Policy

If you are unhappy with an eBook purchase made within the last 14 days through

Please send an email to from the email address used to make the purchase, and will reverse your order. No questions asked. Keep the book. We part as friends.

Life is too short to play it any other way.


The Risk-Free eBook Policy does not cover the 14-novel “Killer Deal on eBooks” offer for $29.47. No one who hasn’t read my books should be interested, and so anyone interested should be deemed familiar enough with my work to know what they’re getting into. 🙂

In the event of abuse the policy will be adjusted as necessary. Abuse, such as, the same person repeatedly buying and refunding books. The bottom line is that I give away a lot of eBooks and am happy to do so when folks are going through tight cash situations. God knows every person I think is cool has been there a time or ten. So if that’s you, shoot me an email. Otherwise, feel free to buy an ebook without fear.

I created the policy because I don’t want you to have to risk anything more than a little bit of your time to find out if my way of telling fiction hits your ears right.

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